Choose The Right Wig
Having a balanced face makes almost anything goes.

Height works better than width.
Mid-length and longer hair styles round the face off and
gives face slimmer look.

Styles that lengthen the facial structure are the best choice.
Avoiding width and add fullness.
Layers are also good and will break the wide hairline.

Narrow chins and wide foreheads need volume towards the chin.
Bangs or hair on forehead will hide the width of the forehead.
Subtle layers are good for this structure.

If you are a long face, opt for a curly or wavy style,
which can visually add width.
Beware of long hairstyles with no short layers,
which can make the face appear longer.
This type of wigs can shorten the face visually and
modify the face line. In addition, long straight hairstyle is not good.

Your shape is a cross between a heart and an oval.
Almost everything works with your balanced face shape.
Try a variety of styles.
Sides don’t be too short and leave some hair to cover the wide cheeks.